Why would you ever have to replace the Bogie (truck) Tension Springs? Maybe you do some kitbashing, cleaning the gear mechanism or, replacing the motor. My recommendation is to avoid it at all cost! Actually, it is not that bad but it can test your patience. Jesse Svoboda from CCE Models has a great quote:

You aren’t a real “T-Gauger” until you’ve shot one (or several) of the tiny bogie tension springs into the cavernous void while trying to replace them. Well, here’s the technique I use to facilitate re-attaching them.

One of the more practical advice I have seen is from Doug Kightley that runs the talkingtgauge.net forum: “No pets, kids or loved ones within hitting, kicking, or earshot, as appropriate….just in case.”

All kidding aside, when I first had to re-attach the springs I searched the talkingtgauge.net forum and found a post on one of the threads from Doug that gave me the best advice on how to do it, see forum.

Jesse Svoboda also has an approach that looks interesting where he threads a thin wire through the coil to avoid having the spring fly “into the void”. I have not tested his method myself, but take a look at his blog.

I have come up with a third method (BTW I am sure I am not the only one) where I use a “spring-loaded parts holder” and a second pair of tweezers. The video will show you the method that Doug describes and the approach I am using with the holder.

TGauge.com: Bogie Tension Springs
MicroMark: Spring Loaded Parts Holder

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