Time to take a closer look at some of the Freight Cars offered by TGauge.com, specifically the Tanker Wagon and the 100 Ton 4 Bay Hopper.

100 Ton 4 Bay Hopper: This is an Open Hopper car (wagon) and comes in two colors, Black and Red Oxide. Hopper cars are used for transporting cargo such as coal, ore, sand, etc. It looks prototypical, the details are a bit oversized which is common for T Gauge (it is 1:450 scale). The one thing that sticks out though is the grey trucks (boogies) used. I would have preferred to have black versions like you have on the tanker car. You also get a steel weight you can attach to the bottom of the hopper.

Hopper dimensions and weight: 
Width: 6.8mm 
Length: 29mm
Height: 8.3mm
Weight: 0.97g 
Steel weight: 1.57g 

Tanker Wagon: This is a very generic-looking DOT-111 tank car with the exception that it looks like it is built on top of a flatcar. What is really cool is that you get some etched details including rails, hand breaks, and ladders. This allows you to replace some parts on the car with more scale appropriate details. The Tanker car comes in 4 colors, black, red, yellow and white. NOTE! It is very easy to break the ladders, I broke one of mine taking it out of the box.

Tanker dimensions and weight:
Length: 27.5mm
Width: 6.1mm
Height: 10.8mm
Weight: 1.93g

Both these cars are of good build quality, with nice details. They look prototypical or some would say that it is a close representation of the prototypes. For this scale, you will have to make compromises and it is worth repeating that at normal viewing distance it will look even better.

In general, tank cars and hoppers looks the same all over the world and these are very generic looking which makes them perfect for any layout with freight.

TGauge.com: 100 Ton 4 Bay Hopper, Tanker Wagon

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