My T Gauge Journey

Model Railroad@1:450 scale



Talking T Gauge Facebook: The most prominent Facebook group sharing and discussing all things T Gauge, created and administrated by the team behind If you want to find out the latest in T Gauge I highly recommend this FB Group. 

Talking T Gauge Forum: A forum run by Doug Kightley dedicated to T Gauge. Tons of technical info and lots of members with deep and long experience from T Gauge. You can follow layouts from initial idea to finished “product”. Some of the best T Gauge layouts are chronicled here like The Bridge, Sarum Bridge and many more. If you take a look at the “custom rolling stock” section I promise you will be impressed. 

T Gauge Models Trains Group: A public Facebook group “for people worldwide interested in T Scale trains, layouts, and products.” Not as much activity as in the Talking T Gauge FB group, but you will find posts and content not published in other places. 


Blog/Sites (alphabetical order):

Corby Model Railway Exhibition 2022 – Video by Philip Holmes from the Corby Model Railway Exhibiton 2022 where not only one but two T Gauge layouts were showcased: 07:37 Where’s My T – T Gauge and 08:41 Kevin’s T – T Gauge. 

crazyTgauge – A blog where you can follow a T Gauge layout build from start to finish. 

Jesse’s T-Scale Models: A blog by Jesse Svoboda who has created some fantastic custom made rolling stock. You will also find a lot of useful tips and ideas.

Miniature Trains: A blog with just a few postings from 2009 to 2015 by J. Palacio. At the end of 2015 he posted about a T Gauge layout built in a “Mediterranean style” and he also designed some printable buildings that you can still download.

Model Railway Musings: This is the site that got me interested in T Gauge. Described as “British model railway layouts in T gauge, N and OO”. Under “My Layouts” you have two T Gauge layouts; Sarum bridge that have a working road system among other things and Blea Moor that is under construction. The site is full of general model railroad information covering electronics, 3D printing, modeling etc.

More T Please: Created by Ian Holmes. This is one of the few blogs that still exists from when it all started in 2008. It has not been updated since June 2013, but don’t let that stop you. It is packed with useful information, not to mention T Gauge history.

T-Gauge: A Dutch (Netherlands) site about T-Gauge. No translations available but you can copy the text and run it through Google Translate if required.

T-Gauge – Uwe Fenk: A pioneer when it comes to scratch building locos from the ground up including the gearbox. His models are in 1:480 (QTT) but runs on standard T Gauge tracks. The web page is mostly pictures but to truly appreciate the work you should see his YouTube videos. You can follow some of his projects on The Talking T Gauge Forum under “custom rolling stock”.

Tiny T-Gauge Trains: Home of the original “T Gauge layout in a guitar case”. It has not been updated sine December 2017 but still has lots of relevant and useful information.

Victorian T gauge: A blog by two Australian modelers, Adrian and Paul from when it all kicked off in 2008. You will be amazed when you see the scratch built locos and cars (wagons). They have built some fantastic layouts but the one that stands out is the Orbost Railway. The blog ended in March 2013 but Paul and Adrian started up seperate Facebook pages.

Victorian T Gauge – Facebook: This is the continuation of the Victorian T Gauge blog on Facebook by Adrian.

Orbost 1981 – Facebook: A continuation by Paul of the “Orbost 1981” layout that began in the Victorian T Gauge blog.

YouTube (alphabetical order):

09 2020 T Gauge – A folded 8 continuous loop layout with printed structures. 

CCETrains – Companion channel for Jesse Svoboda where among other things his demonstrates and showcase his custom made rolling stock in addition to general T gauge tips.

crazyTgauge – Companion channel for the blog crazyTgauge where you follow a layout build from start to finish. 

DaveB.Trains – A great layout set in Bavaria, running an ICE 3 “full” 8 car set. 

Doug Kightley Channel – Doug runs the Talking T Gauge forum and is the man behind “The Bridge” layout. He spent about 2.5 years building a perfect 1:450 scale replica of the Forth bridge that crosses the Firth of Forth fjord in Scotland. Every conceivable technic and technology have been used, CAD design, 3D printing, DCC and more to make this layout a reality.

Functioning level/grade crossing signal T gauge/Tゲージ用センサー踏切警報機 – A functioning (lights and sound) Japanese style level/grade crossing signal with an IR sensor from MSR Signal in Japan. 

Graham Burnley – On Graham’s channel you can see his Low Moore layout that he has been participating with at several shows in UK and other T Gauge projects he is working on. 

Jay Marcucci has made a couple of videos of his layout that I would describe as an extended 8 shape with tunnels, multiple bridges, lots of buildings and grade (level) crossings. Videos published end of 2016.

Joe Malinchak Channel – Joe is mostly know for making Micro RC planes and the technic he is using, printing on thin “foam sheets”. In 2016 he started to apply the same technic building a T Gauge steam loco and have since then made several projects. His channel combines T Gauge with Micro RC and you will find more from him on the Talking T Gauge Forum.

KG Express – Companion YouTube channel to this blog.

Kofferanlage TGauge (Suitcase TGauge) – A compact layout in a briefcase you can buy “fully assembled and ready to run” from T (Attache Case Diorama). Published Dec 2015.

La Gare Maritime – Réseau train au 1/450:  The Harbor Station – Model Railway (Network) at 1/450. A Layout built by Denis Bourgeois focused around a cruise ship terminal with a fantastic cruise ship.

Matthew Evers YouTube Channel – Matthew have built several fairly complex layouts with a lot of switches and an innovative “modular scenery layout system”. It is a very honest account of his experience with operating and building a T Gauge Model Railway.

MMBUFBerlin – Uwe Franks channel where he showcases his scratch built locos and layouts. You will be very impressed with his craftsmanship. 

ModelRail Musings channel – The companion YouTube channel to Video Railway Musings with mostly T Gauge themed videos. You have to check out the Sarum Bridge layout and the working road videos. 

Orbost Railway 1981 – Paul Blake from the Victorian T Gauge blog published some Orbost Railway videos in 2016.

Peter Röpke – Is a prolific builder of Z-scale “briefcase” layouts but has also built two T Gauge layouts; Schauen wir X mal – Tgauge 1:480 best described as a “twice around dog bone” type layout; Eine 480 ziger – In 480 Sekunden a double oval layout with a couple of spurs. The video captures the construction of the layout from start to finish and showcases what you can do with the laser cut plywood houses. Published in 2017. I would recommend that you take a look at his Z scale layouts for inspiration.

Rail450 – Siegfried who is behind the channel is building custom steam locos and other T gauge items. You can see a lot more from him in the Talking T Gauge Forum.

Richard Kříž – Has a channel where he is building T Gauge Layouts and use T Gauge for N scale narrow gauge. 

Sean B – The man behind customZscale has a channel where you can see his card stock buildings and layouts. 

Stratfield – The original “T Gauge Railway in a Guitar Case” published in 2014. Check out the video “Possible the smallest working level crossing in the world” which is located in Stratfield, published Feb 2017 so maybe it has gotten some competition for the title by now. channel: The official channel of that showcase several cool layouts, product announcements, and previews.

T Gauge auto operation: Shows a multilayer layout using the “Auto Train Exchange System” from The layout uses two sets of the exchange system which gives it some very interesting operation.

T Gauge Briefcase Layout 220221: A figure 8 layout built in a briefcase by Bapak Bob.

T Gauge GNER HST Inter City 125 – An oval “briefcase” layout with a small coastal city. Built with styrofoam and modeling clay. Buildings made of printed card stock. Published Feb 2018.

T-GaugeHinode3 and Hinode 4 – A really cool Japanese city layout with modern high rises and traditional Japanese temples displayed at The 11th Tokyo International Railroad Convention, August 2010. Most of the structures looks like it is printed card stock with some KK Eishindo buildings sprinkled in. Hinode is “sunrise” in Japanese so Hinode 3 and 4 means “day 3 and 4″ of….”.

T Gauge in a Briefcase – An oval track layout built in a briefcase featuring a small village with a church, lake and a “large” viaduct.

T Gauge model railway in a guitar box!! – Another layout in a guitar case with a very cool approach using the neck of a guitar with switchback sensors. The layout is pretty complex with two point to point tracks. Published in 2016.

T Gauge Mt. Fuji Japan – A great Japanese inspired layout with a complex continuous loop  track and a short point to point track. Published in 2010.

T Gauge railway layout. Welcome to Keren Cove – A fantastic layout built by Becky Stares. The actual track layout is two simple separate continuous oval loops but don’t let that fool you. There are so many elements to this layout, scratch built printed card stock buildings, plywood buildings, bridges, rivers, air balloon, boats and an amusement park. Becky has created all these small scenarios sprinkled out through the layout. What is maybe most impressive is that it was built in less than 3 months. When you watch the video you can see the joy behind it. Published March 2019.

T-gauge – Ravine – A compact oval layout with fantastic scenery. As the title indicates its a ravine with a river and two bridges. Published in 2016

T Gauge Train 20 feet – A 2×3 ft layout with tunnels and multiple levels of elevations, and custom build electronics. 

T scale Passenger train – USA style layout with custom Santa Fe EMD 8 locomotives and passenger cars. The layout has a small town and airport and a couple of turnouts. Published 2015.

T Scale Train 2015 – J. Palacios  “Mediterranean style” layout from the “miniature trains blog”. You will see details from the layout as well as a bit of how it was built and modeled.

The Cascade Loop – A small compact loop layout with a spur. The scenery is excellent, it has perfect ballasted and weathered tracks, fantastic details and realism. This  is a must see layout for the aspiring T Gauge Railway builder. You can find out more details about how it was built on Talking T Gauge Forum. Video published end of 2018.

Victorian T Gauge – A video from earlier work done by Paul and Adrian. The specific layout featured in the video is part of the Victorian T Gauge blog. Published in 2010.

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