I saw this video with all these great T gauge structures from Custom Z scale that got me very interested. It turned out that the buildings are printed on card stock. I have used printed buildings before but mostly as background structures or “one dimensional” flat buildings, but I have always felt that they have not measured up to closer inspection. 

For T Gauge though I felt I should give it a chance. When you work in a scale that is half of Z scale, physical details are not always as important as to create the illusion of details. Once I received the kit it was clear that this works very well for T Gauge. If you put a macro lens on a camera and take a picture you will see that it is printed and flat, but most items in T Gauge with high magnification will lack in details no matter what. 

These kits are low cost but give you a high quality product you can “build” in 30 min or less, and they look convincing. The video will give you an idea of what it takes to put together a kit (hint… very little) and what kind of results you can expect.

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